We are looking for a new home for the 4.5-year-old Sharpei Vlad. He is a typical sharpei, very distrustful at first, but as soon as he becomes accustomed to finding out that he is safe, he is the greatest pet. He is very careful with men, so the owner should be very patient and understanding. He understands with children (beware, he likes nibbling toys, especially plastic ones). Larger dogs do not make him a problem, he is used to live in a pack. He does not like smaller dogs, so he should not come into contact with them without supervision. Hygiene has completely mastered, is chipped, odčevečeného and vaccinated. Adoption is subject to the signing of the adoption agreement and the payment of the adoption fee. Vlado is now located in the Highlands. If you are interested, call Karin Krzystkova 778 000 302 or Kristina Wurstova 604 252 399.