We took Caesar into the association directly from the owners who gave up because of the move. Unfortunately, their alleged love and care left an indelible mark on him :( In temporary care they started to call him Oskar and thus started his new life. When he arrived, he had a very neglected coat (stinking like a fungus), yeast ate it and he was almost blind. With regular baths and treatments, his condition improved a lot. There is also an eyelid sculpture scheduled to finally see the world around him. :(. Oskar is a very faithful and loyal companion. It only took a few days to make friends pack and a few weeks to stop noticing domestic hens :) This dog lived earlier with cats and in the pack behaves submissively.With leash is accustomed, only occasionally pulls and when meeting with a foreign dog should be on a leash. running at a "sharpei" pace. He responds well to the command - You must not. He doesn't like bathing and cleaning his ears (like any normal sharpei). lonely to separation anxiety, the first night can whine before getting used to the new environment and also whine when temporary workers leave the house, but bite the furniture, do not destroy anything and disturb the neighbors. Relaxing music helps him a lot. But everything is only a matter of time, and when Oskar discovers that his master will return and leave him, his anxiety slowly disappears. It is neutered, dewormed, vaccinated and chipped. Adoption is subject to the pre-inspection of the new home, the signing of the adoption contract and the payment of the adoption fee. For more information, you can contact a temporary aunt directly: Veronika Broughton 

777 813 637.