Let me introduce Miss Perfect. Yes, this perfect beauty is looking for a new family. Barunka was 3 years old in February. Upon receipt, her hair was very neglected and attacked by a demodex, untreated severe inflammation in her ears, and unresolved eye entropium. And after a few blood tests, kidney damage has been proven :(. Careful care given to her in temporary care has made her a really beautiful female in a few months. She is very sensitive and unfortunately has a big problem with men. 5 months, still has trouble accepting male family members.Blafe at first, but never attacks Barunka with male family staff works absolutely smoothly if her man # 1 is a mistress. He only spends the night in a double bed on the side of the master of the house, but the problem only happens when her man # 1 leaves the apartment and only the male staff stays in the apartment. She does not whine and bark after leaving her mistress, because she knows that she will come back, just walks nervously and after a while goes to sleep.

Barunka is absolutely without problems with other dogs, is currently with 8 months female labrador and have a perfect relationship, during walks proves that he has no problem with small dogs. There are also three cats in the current household and they work with them without any problems. Barunka would be an ideal companion for the woman herself, for example, retired. It can also be in a family with children, it also has a nice relationship, but it is necessary to count on the fact that the new staff will be used to some time. At the beginning it will tend to bark even for a few days, then it passes, but it is necessary to count on it.

She is castrated, has undergone eyelid surgery and her diseased kidneys require a kidney diet. It is used to diet granules that are not much more expensive than any better granules.

In case of serious interest please call Jindra Grosmannova 777 344 025 or Kristina Wurstova 604 252 399

Barunka is now located in Kladno. Adoption is conditional on pre-checking a new home, signing the adoption contract and paying the adoption fee