Jmenuie is Aisha and 9 years ago she bought her as a small puppy. She has PP and cost her owners CZK 14,000. But it is not at all important, anyway got a place in the backyard, where she slept under a shelter, without shed :( Gradually to the family were added more dogs, garden was large. A few times she gave her the "luxury" of puppies, It was too much to deal with castration or otherwise prevent the breeding of other hybrids as unnecessary. And finally the owners had to move out. But they didn't want to take the whole pack with them, so they put an advertisement on Bazoš ... donate, it rushes, best immediately. :(. We are looking for new owners for Aisha to have Finally, a place where they would love her and be a rightful member of the family. If you are interested in adoption of Aisha, call or write Karin Krzystkova 778 000 302 or Kristina Wurstova 604 252 399. For beautiful photos and free photos, in your free Thank you Martin Komarek.